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VIVIS is your source for all hemp-based health and nutritional products. VIVIS was founded because of the need for high quality high potency hemp extracted goods.

Our brand’s story comes from the Latin term “Vive” which means life.  Our logo blends the Egyptian symbol for life with the Greek symbol of Medicine. For VIVIS, CBD is to live life without pain.  Medical grade hemp extracted Cannabidiol (CBD) is revolutionary in the way we manage pain and anxiety.

Whether the pain comes from diseases like Epilepsy, or high performance athletic injuries, and your everyday aches and pains, VIVIS makes its mission to help improve your quality of life with all our products.

Highest quality only

VIVIS has carefully formulated three lines of products. The first utilizing a 99% or higher grade of Hemp extracted crystalline Cannabidiol (CBD), the second manufactured with 80% or higher THC-Free Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD) Distillate and the final using 85% of higher Compliant Full-Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD) Distillate.

All our Hemp extracted Cannabidiol (CBD) products are the most contaminant free, consistent, and potent products in the Cannabidiol (CBD) market. Each and every product is third-party lab tested to make sure that our Certificate of Analysis is of the upmost quality.

Know your product

Every product from VIVIS will come with a way to access our Certificate of Analysis page. This will allow our customers to verify that their product has been produced with the most consistent, compliant, high potency and containment free Hemp Extracted Cannabidiol (CBD).

Medical grade hemp extract is a game changer in the way we manage pain all natures. Whether the pain comes from an old sports injury or everyday tasks, let Deity help you improve your quality of life.


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