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Ethanol Wash Extraction

VIVIS CBD 1st Stage of Production utilizing the Ethanol Wash method. Ethanol Wash Extraction is one of the many methods to extract Cannabidiol (CBD) out of Hemp Biomass. Utilizing this method has the main benefit of it being the most efficient ways to extract Cannabidiol (CBD).

CO2 Extraction

VIVIS CBD also uses Supercritical CO2 extraction method for Hemp Based CBD Products. This method of extraction is very customizable. VIVIS likes to use this method to be able to retain all the essential oils, terpenes, and other sensitive chemicals that the Hemp plant contains.

YouTube video
YouTube video

Rotary Evaporator Recovery

VIVIS CBD utilizes the Rotary Evaporator method for small batch ethanol recovery. This is used to remove the Ethanol from the Cannabidiol (CBD) crude.

After this stage is complete, we can move into the next stage of extraction.

Falling Film Recovery

VIVIS CBD uses the falling film method of recovery for large scale batches of Cannabidiol (CBD) Extraction.

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Medical grade hemp extract is a game changer in the way we manage pain all natures. Whether the pain comes from an old sports injury or everyday tasks, let Vivis help you improve your quality of life.


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